Ode to a NW Spring

I love daffodils! They are one of the first flowers to pop up in the Spring and their bright yellow petals just make me smile! I was in Mt. Vernon last week, and did some sketches in the daffodil fields. A gray and breezy day, but the rolling rows of yellow blooms more than compensated. I also spotted the FIRST Mt. Vernon tulips of 2017 peeking out of a muddy field. Pops of magenta, my favorite color too!

The lovely yellow petals of the daffies create a time challenge though, as yellow oil paints take longer to dry than just about any other color. The flowers on the other hand, come and go in a month or so, so painting from local blooms (my preference for daffodils and tulips since they are such a local icon) has but a brief season. On my first two daffodils works, I used a lot of layers and it took a week or more for each layer with yellow in it to dry… I’d like to create a larger set this spring, so I’m experimenting with my layering and taking time to really get the base right before diving in with thick paint. Practicing patience is really what it amounts to, which is hard when studio time is in short supply.


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