Take a Bath… in the Forest

Solace I, 20″x16″, mixed media on paper

This past Fall, I fell in love all over again with the NW. The fall colors on the trails, heck even in the city, the smell of pine in a 2 foot deep carpet of needles, the moist air after a long hot, dry summer. I know from my green building background that human health and productivity improves when we have a view of the outdoors, particularly greenery, while we work inside. The new/renewed concept of “forest bathing” goes further – suggesting we need not just a view but immersion, to capture some serious physical and psychological benefits. I’m not fully versed in the science but will do some digging. But my recent forest frolics certainly brought me a lot of joy and a sense of relief after the west coast was up in flames in July and August. The impression has been made. I created several new pieces for the Building C Open Studios on December 1, and it opened up a flood gate. I’ve got a host of studies spread out in the studio, and can’t wait until my schedules opens up again early in the new year!

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