December Open Studio 12/7/19

A warehouse of art to explore!

The Building C Annual Holiday Open Studios event is Saturday, December 7th noon-9pm. Please join me for a day of artful explorations of 20+ local artists, jewelers and printers! A family friendly event, but no passenger elevator. I’m on the 2nd floor near the middle, Unit 4a. I’ll have new limited palette forest works on display, and will be testing out some new prints and products so looking forward to your feedback!

The Symphony for Climate Change

Art for change!

Teresa Stern Arts and The Art of Sustainability Project will be at the
Symphony for Climate Change event at Discovery Park on Saturday 8/17/19, 4-7 p.m. at the Daybreak Star Center.

Enjoy the world premiere screening of the multimedia creation Terra Nostra (“Our Earth”), Khambatta Dance Company’s performance of EarthQuake, Rachel Lodge‘s short animation Inhale/Exhale and many local groups at a resource fair on arts, environment and climate change.

Event tickets or advance reservations are not required, but to help with planning, please reserve your spot on Eventbrite.

My Resource Fair booth neighbors will include:
Citizens Climate Lobby
Climate Action Families
Climate Solutions
Daybreak Star Cultural Center
Discover Arts in the Park  
Green Seattle Partnership (City of Seattle)
The Heron Habitat Helpers
Khambatta Dance Company
The Last 6000
Magnolia Art Experience (MAX)
Rachel Lodge (artist/animator): Carbon Cycling/The Carbon in You
Seattle Tilth Alliance (City of Seattle)
Spark Northwest
Sustainable Operations Unit (City of Seattle)
Teresa Stern (artist): The Art of Sustainability Project
Terra Nostra
Tiny Trees Preschool
The Tree Keepers Alliance
Washington Green Schools

Please join us!

Limited Palettes, Maximum Meditation

Less is sometimes more, as in less choices, less stress, more relaxation, more productive, more happy. Ok it’s happier, but “more happy” works here…

Here’s some of the recent limited palette works, including a couple smaller finished works and a larger work in progress. It’s oil so I’m patiently (not) waiting a few days for the paint to dry to develop the big blue one further…

Breathe, 16″x12″ oil and mixed media on canvas
Bend, 9″x12″ oil and mixed media on reclaimed wood
Work in Progress, Untitled, 48″x24″, oil, paint stick & mixed media on canvas

Take a Bath… in the Forest

Solace I, 20″x16″, mixed media on paper

This past Fall, I fell in love all over again with the NW. The fall colors on the trails, heck even in the city, the smell of pine in a 2 foot deep carpet of needles, the moist air after a long hot, dry summer. I know from my green building background that human health and productivity improves when we have a view of the outdoors, particularly greenery, while we work inside. The new/renewed concept of “forest bathing” goes further – suggesting we need not just a view but immersion, to capture some serious physical and psychological benefits. I’m not fully versed in the science but will do some digging. But my recent forest frolics certainly brought me a lot of joy and a sense of relief after the west coast was up in flames in July and August. The impression has been made. I created several new pieces for the Building C Open Studios on December 1, and it opened up a flood gate. I’ve got a host of studies spread out in the studio, and can’t wait until my schedules opens up again early in the new year!

Painting in the Rain!

Well, ok not actually IN the rain… but while it’s raining. Summer is always busy. Sunshine often lures one away from the studio… Rainy weather is much more conducive to creation for me. Armed with photos, sketches, and small studies, I re-enter my newly re-organized studio ready to dive in. So bring on the rain!

Work in progress right now…

Ode to a NW Spring

I love daffodils! They are one of the first flowers to pop up in the Spring and their bright yellow petals just make me smile! I was in Mt. Vernon last week, and did some sketches in the daffodil fields. A gray and breezy day, but the rolling rows of yellow blooms more than compensated. I also spotted the FIRST Mt. Vernon tulips of 2017 peeking out of a muddy field. Pops of magenta, my favorite color too!

The lovely yellow petals of the daffies create a time challenge though, as yellow oil paints take longer to dry than just about any other color. The flowers on the other hand, come and go in a month or so, so painting from local blooms (my preference for daffodils and tulips since they are such a local icon) has but a brief season. On my first two daffodils works, I used a lot of layers and it took a week or more for each layer with yellow in it to dry… I’d like to create a larger set this spring, so I’m experimenting with my layering and taking time to really get the base right before diving in with thick paint. Practicing patience is really what it amounts to, which is hard when studio time is in short supply.


A Flurry of Activity

Spring is here, well sort of, it you like wet, cold, windy Springs… But the flowers are in bloom like crazy! And I have art out into the world, with my “blooms” from coast to coast! Two of my tulips pieces (Mod Tulips and Tulips on Blue) are in the 3rd National Art and Flowers Exhibition at the Ellington-White Contemporary Gallery in Fayetteville, NC.

3rd Annual National Juried Art & Flowers Competition

Tulips on Blue 20″x20″ Mixed media on canvas

The first large daffodils piece I created, which started this journey into florals, aptly titled Daffodils I, is off for framing before heading to its new home in Mesa, AZ.

And, later in April, three works (Sunnies & Shadow, Dear Trio, and Daffodils II)  will be featured in the Spring Arts Festival in Anacortes, WA. The show runs April 14-22, 2017, so if you’re up that way for the tulips check out the show! The Tulip Festival starts March 31st and is always a work of art right out of the ground!






New Year, New Studio, New Works

2017 is off to a great start. I just completed a move into a new studio, upstairs at Building C. At last I have a window! Ode to fresh air and natural light! I’m very happy.

The studio open house last December was a ton of fun. I received a lot of positive feedback on my latest floral series. I also exhibited some abstracts at the Ballard Starbucks last Fall. I will start updating the website soon to upload new works from the fall and January, but I’ll post an image here of one of my favorites to get something current up fast.

I also created an Instagram account, trying to get into the social media habit like it’s the 21st Century… Find me there as teresasternarts. Just getting started there too, and will try to get in the habit of posting more often.

Sunnies and Shadow. 36″x24″ mixed media on canvas. 2016.




Developing New Series

I’ve been working on a series of abstract paintings exploring the concept of finding balance. Now that I have the first set back from their time out in the world at the PARC building in Belltown, I’m continuing to refine the language and try new shapes. Is it a person, place or thing? Yes, no, maybe so!

TStern_BraceIITStern_Pivot TStern_PressI

Welcome New Year and New greenTart Etsy Shop!

Ok, it’s the first “work day” of 2016, so it’s a good time to just jump in! In fact, I was in the studio over the Christmas to New Years Day “break” but it was fun, no-pressure studio experimentation time plus some drywall finishing. Somehow there’s nothing like a little construction work to make me really excited to get back to fine art creation… Maybe it’s the sore muscles and maybe it’s a bit meditative to make something in a different way.

So I started the art part of the day with an artist’s career development webinar. That inspired me to create an online sales platform, as I’d been meaning to do most of last year… Welcome to my new Etsy shop greenTart.  I posted three of my Leverage series oil paintings as a start and will add more as I get time and photos… It’s a start!