I work in oils, acrylic, or mixed media, depending on the series. My work is inspired by nature, sustainability issues, and our connections to both. Click on the thumbnails below for details and a full image.

For sales inquiries, prints or commissions, please get in touch!

Forest Bathing Series´╗┐

Fall hiking launched a new exploration of the colors of the watery Northwest. In the Fall, bright yellows, oranges and reds contrast our often gray but always green local landscapes. Some days the sun breaks through, others are cloaked in mist and clouds. The limited sunlight of our northern climate, makes the light a precious commodity. It’s fascinating to observe how the colors change with the light, and try to capture the varying moods in a painted scene.

The Space Between Breaths´╗┐

This is a new in-progress series. I’m sketching and experimenting, using muted, limited palettes to focus on the space, light and textures of the forest, and the meditative breath of being in nature. There is no more complex system than that which is created by nature. The variety of sensory information and the connection to the earth and the solar cycles, our bodies and minds crave these things. My intention is to create a glimpse of that experience, with both calm and wonder in each work.

The left image, Gimme the Light, is a finished work in this series, using a limited palette of blues and yellows. Earlier studies in black, white, grays and blues helped me focus on the essence of space and light that I was aiming for. More to come!

Urban Gardens Works

I walk almost daily in my neighborhood, year round. Gardening is a NW passion and is reflected in our urban yards, gardens, green-ways, nature areas and parks. I can’t resist all those beautiful colors and forms, especially when the weather is nice enough to sketch or paint outside. I also do garden commissions, so if you’d like me to paint a favorite garden spot, please contact me to discuss.

Floral Still Life Paintings

In addition to outdoor garden scenes, sometimes I bring a bunch of flowers inside to paint. I love pairing a bouquet with a special mid-century pitcher or other carefully curated container. Here are a few of my floral works. If you have a favorite flower or color, let me know! I might have a painting of it, or can discuss a commissioned work.