Welcome New Year and New greenTart Etsy Shop!

Ok, it’s the first “work day” of 2016, so it’s a good time to just jump in! In fact, I was in the studio over the Christmas to New Years Day “break” but it was fun, no-pressure studio experimentation time plus some drywall finishing. Somehow there’s nothing like a little construction work to make me really excited to get back to fine art creation… Maybe it’s the sore muscles and maybe it’s a bit meditative to make something in a different way.

So I started the art part of the day with an artist’s career development webinar. That inspired me to create an online sales platform, as I’d been meaning to do most of last year… Welcome to my new Etsy shop greenTart.  I posted three of my Leverage series oil paintings as a start and will add more as I get time and photos… It’s a start!


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