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Winter Field Journal (Part 2)

The Art of Experimentation/Play April Mantra: Breathe and Observe, Deeply During the first week-long "Winter Field Project", I focused on observation, meditation, and sketching. Having no pressure to “make a work of art” definitely kept my mood open, and I think that helped me notice more details, like the variations in the reflections as I noted in Part 1 (hyperlink to part 1). On day 5, I’d planned to wrap up the week with some plein air painting. After my daily visits so f

Winter Field Journal (Part 1)

The Art of Observation March Mantra: Embrace My Inner Badass After working on Coastal last fall, which was inspired by site-based watercolor sketches from sunny, breezy, and cool summer days on the Oregon Coast, I realized how much the real-time experience of sketching and painting in the changing weather, winds, light and topography of a location impacts how I feel about it and how I paint it back at the studio. The Coastal works have a watery and windy look to them, with oi