Art for a Thriving Life

I am a Northwest artist working in oils, pastels and mixed media. I see humans as part of nature, rather than separate from it. Whether in urban settings or in the wild, we are connected to the other living things around us. In my art, I seek to explore and deepen my own relationship to the natural world, in order to lead a thriving, more grounded life. I hope through my art to help collectors reconnect with nature and the respite and adventure it provides. 

A portion of my proceeds go to support intersectional conservation and social justice organizations.

Palette notes


I'm an oil painter, and I seek to use natural, non-toxic and plastic-free materials for the majority of my work. I work primarily with walnut-oil based paints, soy-based solvent, and cotton or birch supports. I'm phasing out standard acrylic gesso, which has a plastic base, in favor of marble dust gesso. Add eco-art to your healthy home!

Trees in sunlight


I walk almost daily, whether it's in my neighborhood, urban parks, or on a more remote trail. I love spending time outside, collecting inspiration, and a little exercise... I sketch and do small plein air (outdoor painting) studies when I can, and take a ton of photographs on my phone. I then work on larger paintings in my studio, based on this assemblage of inspiration to create an expression of a specific place or mood.

Detail of a commission in-progress


I also create commissions, and can create art for you that incorporates a favorite local hiking spot, your garden landscape, or specific colors or sizes. Please explore my art and let me know if you are interested in discussing a custom artwork.