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Everywhere Art

Beauty. Magic. Inspiration. Creativity.

"Beauty, magic, inspiration and creativity - just what we need to feel alive!" Fellow ArtMa-Popup artist, Brenda Loukes, used those words to describe last Sunday's ballet performance and artist exhibit reception. I couldn't say it better!

Male dancer leaping in dance studio with nature artworks on the walls
Art in 2D and 3D at the Emerald Ballet Academy

Collaboration is a powerful tool - leveraging each other's strengths to create something beyond what we might have come up with our own. The event on Sunday that brought together three visual artists and dance is one example of that "beyond". The combined disciplines created something magical, particularly when also combined in a small intimate setting where we could hear the breath of the dancers, see the tension in muscles in motion, and explore the strokes of the brush in the artworks on the walls.

The dancers were elated, and shared that "it was like dancing in the woods or a garden". We artists were elated, as the lithe dancers wove their movements throughout the space, leaping and twirling between our artworks and rays of sunshine streaming through the studio windows.

A picture really is worth a thousand words, particularly in this case, so I'm going to stop typing and let the imagery say the rest. A special thank you to ArtMa curator Tamar Alsberg for bringing our artist trio - Sheli Hadari, Brenda Loukes, and myself - together for this exhibit at the Emerald Ballet Academy as part of the Everywhere Art Festival with the BelRed Arts District!

For the full list of venues for the Everywhere Art Festival during the month of October, click HERE.

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