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Fall Flow

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Creativity Despite Climate Change

Monthly Mantra: I am unstoppable

This time of the year is when I normally shift into the Fall Flow: child goes back to school, the warm sweaters come out of storage, the sandals go into storage, and I go back to the studio for long uninterrupted sessions. But wait, is it Fall or Summer? 75-80 degrees F in Seattle in October, what season IS that actually? Gotta just roll with it, enjoy the sun even though my brain is in transition mode… So, in this Summer-Fall hybrid we’ve got going on, I’ve got one foot in each season, sweaters AND sandals (that’s actually not too odd for the NW anyway), finishing outdoor AND indoor projects at home, and gearing up in the studio in between cuz the holidays are in fact around the corner!

The upshot is lots of good things are happening! Studio sessions are short and hyper focused, and I’ve just finished several medium landscapes started in the Spring and early Summer. They hung on the wall half-finished for months, beckoning to me as I ran into the studio mostly to grab items for art festivals and fairs… But my mind was working on them even if my hand was not. The 2023 Calendar design is complete (YAY!), and I’m working with the print company on final adjustments and paper sourcing (yep supply chain challenges are still a thing). I’m sketching out ideas for this year’s holiday ornaments, working on the Eileen Fisher Chop Challenge as part of Seattle Recycled Art Week at the Columbia City Gallery in November, and planning for December holiday art events. Yes, lots of good things. And eventually, it’ll start raining, and I’ll lock myself in my studio for actual full day sessions, and get messy diving into some larger works.

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