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4 Steps for a Peaceful Holiday Season

Happy Fall! The days are cooler, the leaves are raining down, school is back in session (in person!), and it’s the time of year I start to nest again… After returning from summer travels, our house is a bit of a mess. We were busy paying attention to outside! But as the rain trickles down the window pane, and I reach for a book and a fuzzy blanket… wait, where is my blanket? Time to purge, get out the cold weather décor, and get ready for the coming holidays, from Halloween to New Year’s Day and all those fun dates in between.

In advance of the flurry of the holiday season, Fall is a good time to take a deep breath, and to do a little planning to bring some extra peace into your household.

1. Fall Clearing

It’s not just for spring anymore… prune the summer flowers, put away the beach toys, and make some extra room on the shelves for new fall puzzles, displaying greeting cards, or tilting up a new piece of artwork or a photograph from summer fun. For me, having some open space in my living areas makes it easier to relax and enjoy.

2. Warm It Up

Fall is also a great time to add a little warmth to your routine. Whether it’s time to cozy up with a cup of tea and a good book, or gearing up for Fall gatherings, virtual or in-person, some extra textures and scents can provide a cozy layer. So pull out the comfy throw, grab a new candle, or learn a new soup recipe.

3. Seasonal Art and Décor

We live in an urban house (i.e. limited storage), so we’ve paired our holiday décor down over the years. Less work, less stress. It also means we pull the holiday vibe into our home with a mix of holiday decorations and carefully curated décor and art. The Halloween bat comes out for the front door, and the fuzzy knitted throw for the couch. It’s also a great time to swap out art work. The tulip still life over the mantle will be replaced for awhile with a fall forest scene with golds and rusts. If you have a gallery wall, switching out art prints is also a great option. Just tuck the second print behind the one being displayed for built-in storage.

4. Shop Early, Shop Small

Avoid the holiday frenzy with early shopping and supporting small businesses. From local artists to Etsy, it’s easier than ever to support local makers and buy handmade or small batch treats for your home or for your loved ones. I know I have a couple favorites on my own wish list. Local art walks and markets are great places to grab in-stock local gifts and décor for your own list.

New works are coming soon to my online shop, including framed works in the Coastal series (currently on view at Molly’s Bottleshop in Ballard), along with new prints, calendars, cards, and puzzles. Or catch me at one of several upcoming events (see Events Page). Holiday postcards will be mailed out in mid-November; email your mailing address to me at teresa [at] and I’ll send you one to prop on your newly cleared shelf! (yes, a good old fashioned holiday postcard in your physical mailbox...) 😊


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