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Pivot in a Pandemic

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

So in 2019, I set a goal for myself: 2020 would be the year I went full time as an artist. I was making work I was proud of, refining my studio practice, sales were happening but needed more attention. Then the pandemic hit... and a massive (and much needed) movement for social justice, along with ongoing calls for environmental justice (they are linked!), and the West Coast is on fire too. And yet, I remain hopeful. We must, I believe, retain hope: hope that we can make a difference, hope that change is possible, hope that we can work together today to create a better tomorrow for all, hope that humanity has not yet achieved its highest potential.

In that vein, I continue to create, to build an art practice, and to pivot where needed to align my life, my art, and my actions with my values. So this website is one part of that. Thank you for being here in the beginning! More is coming soon!

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