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Connect to Nature with Art

Artful Ways to Relax

April Mantra: Let nature’s colors inspire you.

There are tons of personality tests out there, but is there a relaxation personality test? Probably. Some folks prefer meditation, some socializing, some a long walk, or weekend soccer. Research definitely supports getting outside as a wonderful way to relax and boost our health and wellbeing. For some of us, ok, for me, a little nudge to slow down and relax while outside in nature is also really helpful.

While more rigorous activities are good for us, from hiking and skiing to outdoor swimming or running, for overall wellness, including mental wellness, time in nature goes beyond getting the daily step count up. Other "counts" are also important, such as how many long slow breaths did you take, how many new flowers are in bloom, how warm is that stone that is sitting in the sun on the beach, or what is making that little chirp chirp chirp sound?

Taking time to observe things around you is a strategy for slowing down, and for shedding some stress. Consider extending your time surrounded by trees and other plants, or by a lake or ocean, with an activity such as journalling, reading, enjoying a picnic, or exploring a creative activity. Last month’s blog post shared my Earthkeepers Recipe, a mini-set of prompts for connecting with nature through each of our five main senses. A more in-depth booklet is coming later this month - the Connect to Nature With Art ‘zine! In the ‘zine, you’ll find a set of creative activities for any age that will help you slow down, enjoy nature, and relax.

Connect to Nature ‘Zine Launch Party

Want to grab your advance copy? Join me at the Earth Day launch on April 22nd at the Push Pull Gallery & Art Supplies in downtown Ballard!

Saturday, April 22, 2-6pm

Event link on Meetup.

Connect to Nature - Guided Nature Walk

Chittenden Locks, Ballard

May - Date & Time pending

ink tracing of a Douglas Fir branch
Tracing the outline of a Douglas Fir branch.

I'm working with Push Pull to create a Connect to Nature with Art walk & art activities. Stay tuned for future updates... Send me a quick email to teresa [at] teresastern [dot] com if you'd like to be on my new Classes notifccation list!

Find the 'Zine!

Once the Connect to Nature ‘zine is out in the wild, I’ll send an update to subscribers with distribution locations. Or check back here for updates.

The Connect to Nature 'zine was created with partial funding by the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture.

What I'm reading this month: The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative by Florence Williams

What I'm watching: The Mandalorian Season 3

This post contains affiliate links. If I like and use stuff, I might include a link where you also can obtain it. Your purchase via those links helps me make more art.

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