Art Hike Part 1: Lower Meadow

With visits out to Carkeek Park to check on my own piece, I’ve also had time for a quick tour of all the other installations. I had a longer tour of the Lower Meadow works this past Tuesday. It was nice to have more time to peer into, walk around, or linger and listen to other viewers comments. I decided to include a couple favorite, teaser photos, but will leave the rest for your visit…

“Sanctuary”, by Seattle artist Michael Harrison, is made from all sorts of building scraps, glass plates, bottle caps and other salvaged items. Peering in through holes and small windows reveals a montage of nature: branch, moss, horns. I really enjoyed that surprise, does nature need a respite? It certainly needs protection these days. The artist calls us to experience vs tweet. Hopefully experiencing, then blogging counts.

Detail of Sanc-tu-ar-y by Michael Harrison. Photo: Teresa Stern

Detail of Sanc-tu-ar-y by Michael Harrison. Photo: Teresa Stern

I also spent some time marveling at the strange orange cone, which called to mind something out of the 80’s show The Land of the Lost. Turns out, it’s a camera obscura! “Nature Obscura”, by another local artist, Megan Treasure, offers one more twist on reflecting sky and nature. Staring at things upside down or backwards is a way to trick ones brain into seeing things anew, catching something you might have missed otherwise, and was an inspiration for the mirrors on Sky Feeder. I really enjoyed seeing a totally different interpretation.

Detail of Earthly Obscura by Megan Treasure. Photo: Teresa Stern

Detail of Earthly Obscura by Megan Treasure. Photo: Teresa Stern

Chicago 3-D printing artist Joshua Harker created the 8 foot Crania Geodesica from branches found on site. I listened to a pre-teen boy pointing it out to a friend. Art really is for all ages! Tom Hughes’ poetic “Glider” installation was down, maybe a strong wind, or a push; hopefully it will rise again soon.

Other Lower Meadow installations include the winding “Willow Water” piece, which celebrates the drip line of the draping tree above, Allyce Wood’s lacey orange “Periapt” tree amulet, and ghostly “Stalagmites” hailing all the way from Minnesota by artist Elisa Berry Fonseca.

H&E VI Art Map

Ah, completion. It’s such a nice word! It’s such a great feeling to design and develop a project, and see it through to the end. Having friends join in the hard work made it a lot more fun, thanks to all those who came with hammers ready on July 5th! It was a 12-hour marathon install day for Aaron and I; the helping hands meant we could stick to just one long day! After a week of “commissioning”, the glue issue is solved. I’ve been to the site at several times of day, and have enjoyed visiting the other artworks too. I’ll do a separate post on that soon… For now, here’s the map files so you can print them and have your own art walk in the park! I’ll be arranging some guided tours over the summer too, so let me know if you want to join one.

2014 Center on Contemporary Art's Heaven & Earth VI Carkeek Park Art Hike Map

2014 Center on Contemporary Art’s Heaven & Earth VI Carkeek Park Art Hike Map

2014 Center on Contemporary Art's Heaven & Earth VI Artists and Titles Legend

2014 Center on Contemporary Art’s Heaven & Earth VI Artists and Titles Legend

Coming Unglued…

The installation of Sky Feeder is about 98% complete… it’d be 100% if the heat wasn’t causing about 10% of the mirrors to pop right off within three days of initial installation. I’ve got three new attachment options testing in the garage and front yard, so by tomorrow I’ll know which one’s the winner and go back out and replace the 20 or so missing mirrors. Overall I’m very happy with the piece. When you walk around it the light and reflections change and it’s quite magical. Walking up the hill from the east in the soft light of twilight is my favorite viewing experience so far. I’ve also really enjoyed talking with folks who wander by and discover the random art projects throughout the park. Can’t wait until the official Heaven & Earth signs go up on Friday so maybe fewer people will try to walk through the piece or pull dowels out of the ground…

Sky Feeder installation in progress.

Sky Feeder installation in progress.

Ready to Go!

We’re ready! All the pieces are cut and all the mirrored discs are glued. My construction guru Aaron made some nifty plywood templates to speed up the process of laying out all the dowels in the nine rings. We did a layout test in the back yard last weekend with the inner six rings and everything worked very well and pretty close to perfect spacing. That’s a big sigh of relief!


Now on for final installation planning and the big INSTALL this Saturday July 5th! If you’re around north Seattle, stop by Carkeek and say howdy to our crew! We’ll be there through at least mid afternoon. Most of the other artists will be around working on their pieces also, so it’s a great chance to see art happen. Carkeek’s a BIG park; here’s a map link with the artist locations listed so you can find us.

HE3 Cycles of Return Catalogs

I was digging around past Heaven & Earth exhibits, and found that HE3 catalogs are still available on Lulu. It includes photographs of my Holdfast installation, before it was vandalized. Luckily David Francis found most of it in the bushes, so it was largely saved. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to get some video of the work floating in the water at different tides. I still have it though and have it in mind to do that still, and think of it every summer…. Maybe this year will be the year!

Heaven & Earth III: Cycles of Return Catalog

Heaven & Earth III: Cycles of Return Catalog

Heavenly Progress

I took advantage of the sunny Seattle weather yesterday to open up the garage wood shop and work on the Sky Feeder components. After a quick drill press tutorial from my “construction master”, Aaron, I got to work drilling holes in the discs that will support the mirrors and fit atop each dowel.

After a drill press lesson, I had plenty of pieces on which to hone my skills.

After a drill press lesson, I had plenty of pieces on which to hone my skills.

After debating weathering approaches for the dowels, ie leave them raw, or pre-weather them by rubbing them in soil, I’ve got some test dowels hammered into the side yard so I can see how they look in a few weeks…

As of yesterday then, all the discs are cut and drilled, and the mirror order has arrived, so I’m feeling on track. The full exhibit artist list has been announced too, so check out this year’s lineup at Heaven & Earth.

Countdown 714: Sky Feeder

714 pieces: wood dowels, wood discs, 2″ round mirrors. Cut, prep, sand, glue. What do you get? A Sky Feeder!

I spent some time enjoying the sunny weather last weekend, working on the installation for the COCA Heaven & Earth VI Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at Carkeek Park. Aaron and I sat outside and finished sanding the 238 wood discs that will support the mirrors. Today I ordered 250 wood dowels from Dunn Lumber, one of my favorite local supply stores and just good people and picked up the 240 mirrors from JoAnn Fabrics. Yep, they did ask what all those mirrors were for… and promote promote promote I did! This piece is about special orders of simple things that are less simple in bulk! But actually everyone’s been super nice and easy to work with, even if they really have no idea what I’m trying describe…

An image really is key.

Sky Feeder

I met some of my fellow exhibitors over the weekend as well. Now I’m even more excited about this show! I can’t wait to see what everyone creates. From branches from the park to cardboard, to boulders to glass, it’s going to be an eclectic mix brought together by the theme “As Above, So Below”. That theme by the way is what inspired the addition of the mirrors to my design which then led to the name. It went from a 3D expression of rain (ask me about that at the show) to a more reflective piece on observation, and looking down to see up and view things hopefully in a new way…

Stay tuned to see it emerge, and if you’re in the Seattle area, come on by Carkeek Park on July 12th! Details forthcoming on the reception festivities as they become available, but it’ll be 2-5pm.